Starting January 1st 2004 and ending January 1st 2040, I will use 36 different media to continuously document this period of time. I will use 6 media to document myself [R], 6 to document the surrounding [O] and 6 to document the weather [Y]. Moreover I will use 6 media to document the documentation [G], 6 media to contextualize it [B] and 6 to share it [P].

Each month I will generate 36 digital files with the material gathered for each of the 36 media. As there are 432 months in the 36 years duration of the project, I will ultimately generate 15.552 month-files. By 2040 each month-file will be encrypted in a 100 by 100 millimeters pixel of a 7,2 by 7,2 by 7,2 meters life-preserving cube.

September 24th 2003, Alberto Frigo

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[R] To document myself I will: 01 record my activities photographing every object my right hand uses; 02 write my dreams; 03 recompose the songs I hear; 04 track my emotions; 05 retrace my walks; 06 record my heart-beats.[O] To document the surrounding I will: 07 photograph my new friends; 08 scan side-walk trash; 09 annotate headline casualties; 10 film public spaces where I seat; 11 draw my ideas; 12 record my thoughts. [Y] To document the weather I will: 13 tag it using RGB values; 14 paint how it affects me; 15 annotate the air quality; 16 recreate the shapes of clouds; 17 improvise supernatural fables; 18 record the wind intensities.

[G] To document the documentation I will: 19 write an account for each month-file; 20 annotate the thoughts I get documenting; 21 write monthly essays on it; 22 make short-documentaries showing the making; 23 photograph the tools I have used; 24 write an in-depth description for each media.[B] To contextualize it I will: 25 keep a journal; 26 make photo-albums of my acquaintances; 27 illustrate my family history; 28 make a monthly lecture; 29 take snapshots of my surrounding; 30 create a memory palace where to host the documentation. [P] To share it I will: 31 create a physical archive; 32 prepare a set of editions; 33 develop a website; 34 tag each month file; 35 encode a binary pattern in the final cube; 36 exhibits.

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