01108: "in my newly bought apartment now shared with lamin setting up first a room for him with a double bed then improving a bit my own but mostly fixing up things without really spending much money and already paint up the room with the stuff i wish to produce otherwise being at the university despite not having any money to afford the metro ticket and having to walk long distances also to stay with my kid and do a little bit of renovation in her mother's apartment till i left for a small conference in cophenaghen and explored a lot the city doing my archival projects to then seat for hours on at the boring conference feeling rather depressed but then going to italy driving quite much around the alps with jacek and then staying with my parents in my native mountains doing quite some cross-country ski with my stepfather and finally joining jacek in poland where is tarted editing a lot of the accumulated video material but also explored and ending up at the boarder with check republic with his friends playing games,drawing and cooking with them"