01109: "in krakow almost half of the first month in jacek's family house feeling a bit frustrated of too much socializing and thus setting off doing grocery and cooking and washing my clothes but also making myself look nice but then turning hard into my project and production of my first drawing books spending much time at the print shop fixing up files with my own laptop and preparing models of along banner of faces for a possible exhibition prior moving back to stockholm where i also there do grocery and cooking for my kid and start commuting quite a lot using the blue card to access the public transport but also now using much my phone to annotate not only ideas but things i find interesting in the many texts i have to read which i try to compensate now getting back to my usual routine of also analogue producing my drawings and the painting i did not accomplish for long after traveling anyhow ending up doing quite many office routines like printing and stapling and organizing the mass of papers from the various mandatory courses"