01111: "it took me sometime to get this photo panel accomplished due to the new computer i have bought and all the work i had to do to reconfigure my tools to the new system it operates but nonetheless it was not a too hard task and it somewhat characterizes my last few months in which i have invested a lot on new equipment particularly for the construction of my studio room making two independent living units out of my apartment and thus sharing for now my mantel with my african friend lamin and having him also to help me setting up the wall construction although he has been sawing directly on the wall and i had to latter sand paper it and thus deciding to do things more by myself and with time also setting up the door frames with stucco and pausing my work to do actual work at the university and being with august to still enjoy the sunny winter and barbecue outside but finally going to a conference in berlin and using more buffet utensils and much my film camera to photograph new acquaintances and mostly film"