Starting January 1st 2004 and ending January 1st 2040 I will use 36 different media to continuously document this period of time. I will use 9 media to document myself and 9 media to document the surrounding. Moreover I will use 9 media to contextualize the documentation and 9 media to share it.

Each month I will generate 36 digital files with the material gathered for each of the 36 media. As there are 432 months in the 36 years duration of the project I will ultimately generate 15.552 month-files. The final archive will be encrypted in a 7.6 by 7.6 by 7.6 meters cube.

September 24th 2003, Stockholm

Alberto Frigo

For more information start browsing and/or visit the project museum at the following GPS coordinates 45.752072, 11.304921 and/or contact