01015: "still living in the van with my swedish girlfriend highly pregnant and striking such a miserable picture that we even got free bananas at a gas station and using not so many tools to cook and mostly washing ourselves in public swimming pool in the immigrant neighborhoods in the south of stockholm also proceeding with my performance laying the many thousands small photos of my right hand on the floor of the art academy mostly seating on the ground and not using so many objects but in the end vacuum cleaning the whole installation after photographing it and finally reconciling with our parents-in-law despite my girlfriend being still quite upset with her mother and going out in the forest with my father-in-law to pick dead trees with much snow finally also getting liselott ready to go to the hospital and there witnessing the birth of a marvelous son we named august and using some objects such as cutting his umbilical cord and filing his long nails spending the night in the hospital before going back to the farm witnessing a sudden spring and the melting of the snow and resuming then my renovation of our summer house replacing the rot wood under the window of august future room and trying to do things in a traditional manner using moss and mud to isolate with my brother-in-law making much fun of me"