01019: "quite a busy month at first taking care of our countryside house also trying to learn how to use the sickle to cut the grass and spending the evening there using candles in the evening but mostly eating my parents' in law at last going briefly to florence for a show organized by my american curator friend jason waite and exhibiting some photos there but also a video of life in sweden using not so many objects in general and mostly eating in cheap restaurants with jason who bought my pictures to finance my journey and then back in sweden going right away to camp in the beautiful island of gotland with liselott and little august keeping on the shore of a cute sandy beach in the east of the island using mostly tools to cook but also to take care of our son and after spending a period in our countryside house later making it to my parents' place in vicenza and finally in my native town in the alps to show august to my grandfather bruno and photographing for these and similar occasions the cameras i used beside for the many utensils used at dinner with friends and with my parents"