01115: "a month started in the netherlands where i have worked hard on my website making the entire archive available on the internet but also now got quite into cooking at myrthe's place and doing the dishes or having to spray deodorant or turning on a perfume candle when using the bathroom we share with her roommate bu tbeside also traveling with myrthe doing quite a few biking excursions and picnics with filming with cameras and typing ideas on my phone and one day even feeding her little nephew as i used to do with august to then later attend a summer school in england and don't much then seating and listening but still trying to work o myWebsite and wake up really early to do some filming about my documentation methods while exploring the surrounding and using several utensils for the buffet at breakfast and in the evening to then go back shortly to utrecht and pickup august in sweden to go at the lignano sea side in north east italy where i started using heavily sun lotions and after sun and shampoos and had many keys to use to open both my place and my mother's place and cellar and still doing some filming and picnicing on the beach as myrthe also came over and the usual beach related activities with children toys and my little nephew anna with whom i dug holes together with august being however a bit afraid of the water for my camera and at last turning back home and resuming the work on my apartment with the dividing wall now that myrthe is soon to come over i might get a new roommate for some time to help jacek"