01116: "a month passed working at first really hard at the apartment's wall and at last finally finishing the wall within the apartment and also investing quite a lot of the tax money i got back to fix some used bikes but not really succeeding in time for when myrthe came to visit me stopping there my carpenter work and leaving with her and august to italy where we mostly took walks in which i have been taking a lot of videos but also pictures with for my essays and from eating mostly outside with my parents but also cooking at home for francesco and his family playing also cards together and taking my parent's dog asia also out for a walk to then make it home in sweden and really trying to work hard on my art work and on my thesis scanning pages of annotation and also fixing the internet cable to my archive through the walls and at last going back to the netherlands and with myrthe staying at her brother's place in mastricht visiting the beautiful city taking a lot of videos and pictures"