01117: "a month spent at home getting my head back into reading theoretical texts and recompiling them with pictures from my project so quite a lot of time spent initially in this operation but also a lot of biking after biking quite much with myrthe in the netherlands with related activities including trying to fix a bike for august and resolving to steal an half broken one in front of the station repainting and changing the wheels to then go out both biking but mostly walking due to a little inflammation on my right foot to our favorite beach to light fires and barbecuing till at last meeting my supervisor at the university and getting hard in writings while staying with myrthe in her utrecht attic and doing little home improvements in my studio room like adding extra shelves and fixing a place where to do my paintings which i have finally resumed to at last doing a lot of explorations with a lot of picture taking and other parts of my documentation during a long weekend in berlin with myrthe and alone"