02111: "i have had regular night of sleep in my small studio which has now become more intimate and sound proof with finally a big door and all the renovation that i have started which has certainly affected my dreams as much as all the seminars i had to attend in the past month afraid of my philosophy professor assessment of my essays but also dreaming about my colleagues mostly girls from russia but particularly a swedish one with whom i get recurrent dreams in which we get affectionate which is rather the opposite feeling i am building up about my gambian black room mate lamin which i really dislike in my dreams when i meet himout at pubs and he looks so ugly also many were the dreams related to my family back in italy which i barely saw in the last months but i have talked to on the phone and the mountain avalanche experience seems coming back but not so traumatically despite the fear for ice out on the streets and lastly my relative old villa and the family seems to also come back in the picture with also my cousin cecilia who i start to confuse for my ex wife"