03067: "a month of songs started in utrecht with the bells of the ancient belfry still playing songs and later continued in a family reunion in maastricht listening to myrthe's mother singing songs to little pepijn and also to his toys as the toys i used to listen from my son with who i spent several weekends still getting to hear myrthe singing also while videoconferencing but also hearing songs while in the swimming pool with august and having to memorize them as i could not write them on my phone in the water and then listening to myrthe again singing in utrecht and making me listen to several musical and pop songs i first thought cheesy but then got in my head and also playing more serious and existential songs like those of the pearl jams with jacek in his apartment with a guitar till finally getting back to stockholm and spending time with august listening to the ice cream trucks now back with the spring and going later to italy listening to all the songs sung by little anna and back in sweden listening to both the songs heard by august watching cartoons like family guy but also in the cinema together till at last getting all the songs sung by myrthe on her visit here"