05041: "now that i have moved to a new place in the southern suburbs several were the walks checking out the neighbourhood in minus degrees with frozen landscape and especially walking down the center of the town by the river, not to mention some evening walking to buy some grocery in the middle of town and then go to the station where to visit my kid in the north of stockholm several times a week, including few weeks with no money and trying to walk as much as possible, avoiding the public transport and enjoying the polar weather, thus also walking very long along rivers and bridges to save a few crowns also while carrying presents to my kid like new skies and shoes, ending up at last in a conference in copenhagen where i took a pilgrimage to the mermaid crossing the whole town from the central station and back, then also visiting an art museum in the country and exploring the shore despite all the rain and humidity and finally with some colombian friends taking me for a walk to an anarchist island in the city"