05042: "walking to catch a bus in the middle of the night crossing the industrial area where i live and then in italy having no money and walking from the bergamo airport to the station to then join jacek and walk him all around my parents' city of vicenza even up the hills at night and then in the dolomites on the high snow trying to reach some lakes but finally causing an avalanche and almost dying but then just simple walks also with my parents in my native highland down to asiago center and finally to krakow where despite my left knee hurting jacek took my on along pilgrimage to a monastery by the big river but also across hills with wild dogs and finally some walking in the sudetic small mountains in the czech republic and much walking in the latter part up and down and across krakow to comeback from the dentist in nowa hut and across desolated concentration camps coming back from a high school where i taught italian and then much walking to meet people and produce work for an upcoming exhibition including much getting lost in the city center with its surrounding looking pretty much the same and disorienting me"