06028: "running done now with a global positioning system wat5ch i got in the states this to avoid sunning always in a circle as i used to but try to run out and see the distance to then memorize the time based on that and with this running along the river charles in cambridge with a lot of other runners and a nice temperature and also back home doing even over eighteen laps than the usual twelve i do each time but then going on holiday first to myrthe in holland and then to the beach and not really running there but doing other physical exercises and really started running once back in my stockholm suburb apartment and this time switching to my previous watch to run in a circle instead and don't get all the magnetic field of the previous watch which also took me to irregular ground to compare the laps but having to buy a new cheap chronometer watch after damaging the former with the rain and nonetheless doing good results and having no knee problems now that i am also enforcing my leg muscles with biking"