06197: "a month with bad weather hindering many outdoor activities and with some decent weather making it with the kids by bike to the lake in beusichem feeling rather fit and then later also biking with myrthe and the kids to a playground past beusichem in the middle of the countryside and as a present getting some second hand sneakers deciding to go several days in a row to run after ages and choosing to do so on dirt roads next to the river not to compromise my back but in fact getting immediately stiff and later having issues sleeping for a long time likely due to it but at least breathing some good and fresh air after all the fumes of the welding of the project museum textures i so much tried to avoid and later doing quite an intense effort to move all of these textures first to the end of the garden and then to the dutch company that loaded them on the truck to italy finally with the first day of sun biking back with the kids to the lake but this time feeling quite energyless"