10002: "photographing at first the swedish parents of a classmate of august in shanghai to work for the swedish pavilion of the world expo with the woman particularly fond of my project but myself trying to minimize so as not to anger my wife and then also photographing my tai-chi teacher and the manager of our gym by the american embassy photographing also a tibetan guy i met at a restaurant where he was dancing but meeting him after the death of his mother caused by an earthquake which made him cut his beautiful hair and loose a lot of weight also photographing a talented chinese designer i worked with and whom i kept in touch through the years taking occasional walks at night through the city and also photographing an elder i met in people's park who was captured by the japanese and learned english after he was rescued by the americans spending several days with him but then noticing some pictures of naked men in his shirt and also photographing the italian american teacher my son august had at his school in the mornings a guy who knew a lot of tricks but who was not very intelligent"