13016: "experiencing at first the coming of the cold season in shanghai and depicting the misery of many public places with several struggling people there like at stations but also depicting some of the more touristic small sites like little souvenir streets and later following my chinese boss to more important public sites especially around the science and technology museum with whom we collaborated depicting and almost surreal imperialistic vision erased by the very pollution and smog that was required to produce it and later with my boss leaving staying alone in the city with august discovering nicer and more traditional sites also with the more sunnier days bringing us to parks despite an ear infection he had which took us to a giant hospital complex at last convincing his mother to travel outside the city during our holiday and making it at first to the gorgeous city of hangzhou at last experiencing the real chinese character and its former balance between the artificial and the natural walking by the beautiful lotus paths by the river and up a buddhist temple on the hills and across the city filming the essence of a almost vanished china destroyed by foreign ideologies"