27030: "pictures of francesco rossi my best friend i knew since high school ending up by chance to seat next to him and only managing to make it through the difficult latin and mathematics tests by learning from him how to copy from the smartest students and going often out in the evening with him both in vicenza but in the summer also in asiago often getting into fights with locals after all our crazy adventures especially with francesco really keen to seduce girls but beside that also taking beautiful hikes together and being quite active in nature taking also many bike rides together only once however venturing outside the province to go all around the garda lake and never managing to get francesco further away but once visiting me to sweden with his new girlfriend and future wife elena and taking a memorable journey there to dalarna but getting hit by the swedish bad weather unable to reproduce in sweden the vibe of our italian mountains and after deciding to put my roots back in these mountains buying a small farm there having francesco being the only friend regularly visitng me and also assisting me with my accounting of the venice apartment i used to finance the project museum"