27092: "pictures of my old russian friend pyotr with who i became a very good friend particularly after attending university together in sweden and living with him while i taught at the university although he never found a good teacher in me nonetheless learning a lot about russian culture and way of living just taking many walks together and finding he has also some jewish blood with his parents divorced and his father also a bit of an alcoholic like mine and his mother selling her moskow apartment to buy a villa in greece and his sister purusing the academic career marrying a last a young belgian professor going often to helsinki to meet him and eating in cheap student canteens together with him now working as a janitor to survive but at last marrying a finnish to get his resident permit and then loosing track of him not having myself any social media at last finding him after years in rotterdam completely changes working for an american company and living the good life obsessed about good food and good clothes becoming the contrary of what he was and what i am"