27160: "picture of toine my girlfriend's father having always a pretty good relation to him and inviting him both to the defense of my doctorate thesis in sweden and later to the alps in italy where he offered to do plastering work but only got started with his tasks also in our house in the netherlands starting small projects and being very good about them but never finishing them but beside that being very sweet to the kids and cooking nice meals for us at times also making jams from the fruits of his garden and also making his own honey bringing quite some jars to us but otherwise always being careful with money always with a plan to buy an antique only to stock it in one of his many garages where he has accumulated them over the years and in the end not really engaging with us possibly due to the coronavirus pandemic and the women he began dating on-line despite being quite old and talking quite openly about them and his feelings but generally being less conservative and open minded than his sons in regards of my art project and my life-style as an artist"