30162: "lecture updating on how i managed to finish the welding of the textures and how i managed to bring them to the dutch company which will load them on the truck that will bring them to italy and also discussing the possibility of doing an art work with the mosaics in the delft landart park rather than using the mosaics for the project museum as they were intended but here also discussing my doubt to do something where i don't feel any natural vibe such as i could feel in the mountains or on the irish coastline and briefly discussing a superficial article about the intensive journaling practice of my friend morris villarroel and commenting on mainstream landartists such as christo who had to go around with bodyguards having provoked the neonazis with his work and further on discussing more differences between nazism and fascism with mussolini being anti-christian and most willing to get rid of the old art german hierarchs where so willing to collect"