Since 2004 conceptual artist Alberto Frigo has been continuously documenting multiple aspects of his life and of his surroundings.

Beside photographing every object his right hand uses, he has been filming all the public places he crosses, all the sidewalk trash he finds and much more.

The result is a giant ethnography of our time, a continuous stream of different languages visitors are asked to combine and interpret out of their own accord.

Starting January 1st 2004 and ending January 1st 2040 I will use 36 different media to continuously document this period of time. I will use 9 media to document myself, 9 to document the surrounding, 9 to contextualize the documentation and 9 to share it.

Each month I will generate 36 digital files with the material gathered for each of the 36 media. As there are 432 months in the 36 years duration of the project I will ultimately generate 15.552 month-files.

September 24th 2003, Stockholm

Alberto Frigo


Following are pictures displaying how Frigo's life data is presented


The project museum is located on the west side of Mount Novegno. It can be conveniently reached from Venice taking a one hour train ride to Schio. Check The Larnax Foundation website for more information!